Till your customers visits your office, your website has already made an impression in their minds. The quality of your website can speak a lot about the quality of your products and services. It’s not always very expensive to get a good website, but the business loss may be great if your customer gets a bad impression.

At amb-minds, we do care about the representation of our customers when developing their websites. We make sure that your products and services look as good on website as they actually are. Contact us today to learn all other benefits you can get from your own website.

Automating Workflow

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Still moving files around? Or sending emails to get something done? Why not develop work flows with the help of web applications so that you don’t have to dig into the emails or... READ MORE

Earning Money Online

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Are you a domain expert?  A subject master? Then earning money online is not a problem for you! At amb-minds, we help people to understand the dynamics of internet and how can benefit... READ MORE

Selling on-line with Open Source

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Want to sell your products and services on-line? Are an entrepreneur and looking for setting up your on-line store? Open Source solutions like Magento, Prestashop and OS Commerce can help you. These are... READ MORE

10 Reasons to have a website


Reasons for having your own website It gives more professional look to your business You can tell details about your products and services which you cannot do normally. For example, technical specifications of... READ MORE